Windbound: Brave the Storm, impresiones


5 Lives Studios invites us to a magical archipelago, in which we must survive while unraveling its mysteries.

A solitary and magical island is captivating for its beauty and danger. If, in addition, it accidentally becomes our home, we must learn to live with its ecosystem and know how to take advantage of it. Titles like Summer in Mara or Deiland —both from Chibig Studios— invite us to subsist in an enchanting land while we understand its nature to use it to our advantage. For its part, No Man’s Sky plunges us into the vastness of space to make us feel tiny during our expedition. For its part, the studio 5 Lives Studios, creators of Satellite Reign, has taken note of the survival formula in a beautiful, vast and inhospitable place to offer us a work that mixes adventure, action, role and survival. The result is Windbound: Brave the Storm, which will be released in digital format for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Steam and Epic on August 28, 2020. At MeriStation we have attended its presentation, we have remotely played two of its episodes and today we tell you what we can expect from a title whose first contact has left us with a bittersweet feeling.

Shipwreck and survival in the Forbidden Islands

In Windbound we witness the story of Kara, a warrior who is shipwrecked in a mysterious archipelago known as the Forbidden Islands, far from her civilization and unaccompanied. The young woman must adapt to her new home, survive, discover the secrets of her new refuge and find a tribe. But despite her misfortune, our protagonist is not, at all, a helpless damsel, as she is described to us from 5 Lives Studios: “We wanted her to be a born survivor, who knows well what resources she needs to move on.” Thus, we start in an unknown land that Kara will have to travel to find the means that will help her survive and continue her adventure. Thus, we must collect plants, hunt animals and build objects that facilitate our stay. Hunger will be one of the omnipresent enemies during the trip, since it will increase as Kara spends time without feeding. Keeping it at bay will require having food on hand, whether it’s the berries gathered from shrubs or the meat we’ve harvested from the removed beasts. The kitchen, if we have fire and utensils created by our hands, will be a great progress to keep us alive. Of course, it will not be convenient for us to keep food in our bag for a long time without consuming, since they perish soon.

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