Willie J. Healy Is Teaming Up With Jamie T. on a New Song, “Thank You.”


Willie J Healey has teamed up with Jamie T to record a brand new song from their upcoming album — listen to “Thank You” below.

The new song will appear on Healy’s upcoming album “Bunny”, which was recently announced and announced as the first single “Dreams”. The sequel to “Twin Heavy” 2020 will be released on March 24, 2023 on the Yala label! Records.

Discussing “Thank you” in his statement, Healy said: “I was tired and empty and didn’t know what to do, and then my friend Jamie said, “Willie, I have this drum machine, it can inspire you…

“I took it and wrote ‘Thank you’ the next day, it was my way of thanking Jamie for being a good friend. I dedicate it to everyone who is trying to do their own thing.”

Listen to the new track below.

Healy has previously said that the new album is inspired by funk, Philadelphia soul and R&B. “The whole era is what I love,” he said in a statement.

“Long before the creation of Twin Heavy, I always listened to funk, soul and R&B, but for some reason it never translated into my own music. Actually my inspiration was just feeling things, I really enjoyed playing music that makes you feel really good.”

Healy is going to open for Florence + The Machine at The O2 in London this weekend (January 28) at a concert postponed due to Florence Welch breaking her leg on stage during the first of two concerts in this hall at the end of last year.

Later, in 2023, Healy will support Arctic Monkeys on a series of European shows.


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