William Shatner, Captain Kirk Of Star Trek, Is Confirmed In Spaceflight


William Shatner: 90-year-old actor William Shatner has been confirmed on the crew of Blue Origin’s next tourist space trip. The company founded by Jeff Bezos will perform a new flight on the New Shepard NS-18 rocket next Tuesday (12).

Acclaimed for playing Captain Kirk in the classic series of Star Trek (or Star Trek, as it was better known in Brazil) and in several films involving the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Shatner is also a director, producer and presenter.

“I’ve heard so much about space and for quite some time now. I’m having the opportunity to see it on my own. What a miracle,” he told the Blue Origin website.

In addition to him, the rocket will be occupied by three other civilians: Blue Origin’s vice president of missions and flight operations, Audrey Powers; Glen de Vries, a health research entrepreneur; and former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen.

Space, the final frontier

The rocket is scheduled to take off at 10:30 am (GMT) from a platform in the US state of Texas. In all, the journey takes about 11 minutes to complete.

With the trip, Shatner must not only fulfill his dream of seeing the real space outside of the television studios: he will be the record holder for the oldest person in the world to undertake such a trip. The current owner of the brand is former astronaut candidate Wally Funk, who at 82 years old took part in the same company’s previous trip.


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