William Jackson Harper to star in Love Life


William Jackson Harper, who played the character Chidi Anagonye in the four seasons of the comedy The Good Place, will star in the 2nd season of the anthological series Love Life, on HBO Max.

Love Life premiered its first season in May, with the launch of the streaming platform. The production was publicized as one of the main HBO Max, with Anna Kendrick in the main role.

The plot of the series focuses on developing the different types of novels that a person can have in life, along with their main conflicts, pretensions and affection.

Harper’s character, unnamed to date, has been described as a man who believes he has found his soul mate after much searching. However, after a marriage of years, he is taken by surprise when everything falls apart in the blink of an eye.

Abandoned by this first love, the character will seek his romantic redemption, making many idealizations and crossing familiar faces to the series narrative. Several cast members from Season 1 will be back, including the protagonist Anna Kendrick previously played in a brief appearance.

But according to Sam Boyd, the series’ creator, in season 2, the public can look forward to new loving approaches. “Each season will be different, especially with the help of the members of the script room,” he said in an interview with the TV Insider website.

“With each new season we will have new writers with a variety of different experiences,” he added. “We can have characters from different genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations and still many paths to be followed, exploring the countless ways to try to love someone”, added Boyd.

The 2nd season of Love Life is already in production and is set to debut next year on HBO Max.


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