Will you keep your WhatsApp account?


With the WhatsApp scandal about privacy management, many decided to switch APP, but if you still stay, change this setting.

Aware that security is of the utmost importance, Somagnews has new settings for you that you should be applying immediately to your WhatsApp application, this given the recent update of its policies to share data with Facebook.

Let’s remember that thousands of users have decided to leave the platform and opt for other instant messaging services, because they feel that the WhatsApp company has violated their privacy.

Now, Zak Doffman says, who is an expert in cybersecurity, says that the service that WhatsApp offers is still safe, although some changes must be made, to ensure we have a secure messaging application.

“WhatApp can still be used […] However, you need to change this fundamental setting to stay safe,” Doffman.

WhatsApp and user security

With the famous end-to-end encrypted messages that only users have access to the respective content, the expert indicates that “the problem is the metadata: who, when and where in relation to your messages, as well as your contacts and information about your device “.

Doffman explains that the WhatsApp App collects much more data than Telegram or iMessage, however, he made it clear that applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok collect more.

“So unless you avoid those others, WhatsApp is not your biggest problem,” he adds.

Changes in WhatsApp settings

The first thing that is recommended is to avoid malicious content that you receive through WhatsApp, such as unknown links and attachments. The option to automatically save received images in the phone gallery should also be disabled.

Hackers are a real risk, they hijack a messaging account through deception. To avoid this, it urges you to obtain the PIN number that WhatsApp’s ‘two-step verification’ offers.

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Finally, deactivate the backup copies, because although the messages are protected as they are sent, “if you use the WhatsApp option to make a backup copy of your chat history in the Apple or Google cloud, those copies they are not protected by that end-to-end encryption. “


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