Will YG remove Jennie’s take as a nurse in Lovesick Girls?


A few days ago BLACKPINK made their successful comeback with the song ‘Lovesick Girls’, the MV was criticized by social media users for the scenes where Jennie wears a nurse costume, the YG company took a stand against this controversy.

The BLACKPINK girls returned to the stage with ‘Lovesick Girls’, a track that follows from their first full-length record material called ‘THE ALBUM’. The MV for the promo song so far has more than 114 million views.

‘Lovesick Girls’ had a great production, the story of the clip is the search that Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo make to search for love, as mentioned by the idols in the behind the scenes of the MV.

Within the MV the rappers and singers of BLACKPINK wore different looks, costumes and hairstyles, especially one of them raised a stir on social networks. Jennie wore a nurse outfit, which aroused criticism from Internet users and even from an important association.

Some users of social networks, after seeing the official video of ‘Lovesick Girls’ took their profiles in various online communities and commented that they did not think that Jennie appeared in a nurse’s wardrobe, these criticisms were joined by the Union of Workers of the Health and Medicine of Korea, who through a statement expressed that the short skirt and heels do not represent the true nursing uniform and that it sexualizes it:

The look just follows the prototype to make it look sexy. In our profession there are more women than men, which exposes female workers to feminine objectification

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YG Entertainment, company that leads BLACKPINK’s career, took a stand against the critics who claim that Jennie’s nurse costume is not correct because of the sexy way of portraying it, the entertainment company expressed that they felt great respect and admiration for the health workers.

The entertainment agency justified the use of the nurse’s uniform with the lyrics of the song that raises the question of why people keep looking for love if they have already experienced the pain of a broken heart, Jennie wore the look to convey the idea of love.

YG commented that the scene may not have been understood by the public, they asked that the MV be seen as a clip of art so that each shot is analyzed with the lyrics of the track, the company assured that there is no other meaning behind the outfit of the rapper. The text ended with:

The production staff in charge of the MV are considering editing the scene

Recently Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo revealed a new video for their documentary, we invite you to visit: BLACKPINK releases the official trailer for Light Up The Sky.


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