Will using a different charger damage the phone?


We often encounter charging problems on smartphones. Unfortunately, phones that do not fall out of our hands during the day cannot withstand the transactions we do and they run out of charge during the day. Especially if you do not take good care of your phone during long use, the battery health may decrease and you may have to charge your phone several times during the day. In addition to these, cables or adapters of devices that are used so much can be damaged. Consequently, more affordable chargers can be preferred instead of original purchases. Let’s find out if using different chargers will damage the phone.

Will using a different charger damage the phone?

As has been said many times, non-original devices should not be used. Of course, although this is now known to many people, there are still people whose phone performance decreases for this reason.

There are some numbers you will see on the charger. One of them, watt (W), expresses how much energy the charger can send to your phone at the same time. The higher this number, the faster your phone will fill up. Tablets and laptops often have higher W-rated chargers as they have larger batteries to recharge, so don’t be surprised if the charger you use on your phone doesn’t work with your laptop.


How fast your phone will go from zero to hundred in terms of battery life depends on both the wattage from the charger and the maximum wattage your phone can receive. It is very easy to learn this because this detail is among the features of your phone. Apple’s newly introduced new iPhone 12 model supports up to 20W.

So if you buy the official 20W charger from Apple, it will charge your iPhone 12 about four times faster than Apple’s tiny 5W charger previously out of their boxes.

This also applies to laptops. The latest MacBook can deliver 10 watts of power from Thunderbolt / USB-C ports, which means they outperform 5W chargers but can’t compete with 20W models. Meanwhile, we’re assuming your phone can last up to 20W.

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If you want the fastest possible battery charge for your phone, you need a charger that provides enough watts your phone can handle at the same time. Most of the time, the charger that came with your phone will meet the needs. When it comes to “fast charging” things change a bit. It is a technology adopted by different manufacturers in different ways, and standards generally do not differ much between brands. The latest OnePlus 8T, for example, supports 65 W fast charging and basically splits the battery in half internally and charges both parts simultaneously.

As with normal charging, you need both the charger and the phone that support it to get the best results from fast charging. It would be a dream to plug the OnePlus 8T into any charger and experience full 65W fast charging.

In wireless charging, the situations can be a little different. Again, while wireless chargers are slower than wired ones, the charging speed is in terms of watts. Fortunately, almost many companies have now adopted the Qi wireless charging standard so you can charge your phone with any model you want.

Is it correct to use a different charger: Which charger to use?

You can use almost any charger with your phone, as long as you use the right cable or the right wireless standard. Most of the current smartphones have battery protection. Thanks to this detail, which includes the regulation of power consumption, using a very powerful charger for your phone will not cause your phone to explode, but in some cases this may give the opposite result.


Using non-original cables and batteries of poor quality that we will call flashing may cause problems. The reason for this is that these devices, whose price is falling, do not depend on security standards. Not all devices that meet safety standards are dangerous, but to be safe, using a newer charger from a reputable manufacturer or accessory maker will always be a more reasonable option, even if it’s a bit more expensive.

On the wireless charging side, Apple has an exception. The new MagSafe charging standard, designed specifically for the iPhone 12, uses magnets to hold it in place, and we do not recommend using it on other phones. Magnets and wireless charging duo can be dangerous. It wouldn’t make sense to use MagSafe with other devices as Apple has done some engineering work to keep it working properly on the iPhone 12.

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It’s okay to use a different charger, just be original!

Most of the phones use 3.7 – 4.2V lithium polymer batteries. Phone batteries that can be charged via Micro USB or USB-C inputs are generally used at this electricity level. There are standards in charging cables produced by brands. There is some information on the product packaging and adapter regarding the energy current it works with and the “input” and “output” values. This issue, which we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, is actually quite important.

According to the experts of the subject, using the products of a licensed brand can be used according to the current your phone supports. It is necessary to give an example here. For example, an adapter with 200 to 240V input and 5.0V output comes out of the box of your smartphone.

There is no problem with the charging cable and adapter produced by a reliable brand suitable for these outlets. Problems usually arise from charges made with different current values. Using chargers of a different brand produced at the same current and energy level is not a problem.

In the light of this information, ampere differences, current height and similar details can disrupt the security settings or battery features of the devices.

For this reason, it is the most logical option to buy chargers produced by reliable brands. Of course, the thing to be aware of on phones is to charge your device in places with USB ports in different places. While he states that it is inconvenient to use public USB charging stations, it will be a miracle not to have problems in the long term with cheaply purchased cables.

Since there is a standard on the Apple side, there is the MFi certificate to look for when purchasing a charger. Having this certificate means that this device is authorized for different brands and Apple supports this situation. If the device you will purchase has the MFi phrase on it, you can easily buy this product.


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