Will update on The Last of Us on September 26


The Californian study celebrates what they will call “The Last of Us Day”, from which news of the saga of interest to fans is expected.

Naughty Dog has informed users that September 26 will be considered “The Last of Us Day”; that is, the world famous intellectual property day that we used to know as Outbreak. The Californian studio, through a statement on Twitter, wanted to express its gratitude to the fans after a year full of difficulties due to COVID-19, which finally did not prevent its latest work, The Last of Us Part 2, from reaching stores with an extraordinary sales reception. In just a few days there will be news.

Outbreak is renamed The Last of Us Day

In the past, September 26 was considered Outbreak Day, since within the fictional universe of The Last of Us it was on that day that the worldwide infection of the cordyceps fungus began that took millions of human lives and completely changed society. as we know it. Naughty Dog believes that the most appropriate, especially due to the real existence of a pandemic such as COVID-19, the best thing is that this nomenclature becomes simply ‘The Last of Us Day’, which for practical purposes continues to be a celebration for the fans.

“We have a lot of exciting things planned; We can’t wait any longer to share them with you in just a few days ”, they declare.

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