Will Twitter sell user data to business partners?


Twitter updated its data sharing policy on April 6. A notification sent to users notifies them of the removal of the ability to control mobile app advertising, although users can still decide whether they want to share some non-public data to help Twitter remain a completely free service.

Data sharing and selling
Sharing user data with business partners is not new in the technology segment. The fact is that the vast majority of companies simply hide this information from their customers.

The update of Twitter’s data sharing policy explains how the platform intends to share its users’ data, which starts to be done the instant the app is installed on the device, even before an account is created.

The company’s notification says: “The control you have over the information that Twitter shares with its business partners has changed. Specifically, its ability to control mobile app advertising has been removed, but you can still choose whether to share some nonpublic data to help Twitter improve its marketing activities on other sites and apps. These changes, which help Twitter to remain a free service, can be accessed in the settings ”.

In other words, Twitter just meant that it needs to sell its users’ data to its business partners in order to be able to defray advertising costs on other platforms.

We do not know how the decision will affect the functioning of the social network, nor whether it will cause any negative impact among users.


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