Will Twilight Taylor Lautner play Jacob again? That’s what he thinks


This fall, the cast of the Twilight saga will be away from the phenomenon of vampire romance for a decade. All this time later, and after the resurgence of interest in films in the last few years, I really wonder if the Twilight actors will ever return to their roles. I’m not the only one thinking about it, as Taylor Lautner has commented on his thoughts about returning to the role of Jacob Black if he gets the chance.

After completing his role as a teenage werewolf in Twilight. Saga: Dawn, Part 2″, where he imprinted on Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s daughter Renesmee, Lautner was asked about his interest in someday reuniting in Forks and continuing the character’s story. That’s what he said:

He’s a good character who’s easy to fall in love with, so I’ll never give up on him. Because it’s Jacob Black. He’s a nice guy.

In an interview with People, the actor, who is now 30 years old, shared that he would be ready to play his famous “Twilight” character again because the role is so “good”. However, there is a caveat. If Lautner had decided to return to Jacob Black, he would have given up the intense exercise he was undergoing in order to constantly be shirtless and worthy of fainting. As he continued:

I think it was great for this role, but I’d rather just be fit and healthy, you know? Definitely not Jacob Black’s body. The body was great for this role, but the amount of training, discipline and food that was put into it were not pleasant memories. It’s hard because when I was 17, 18, 19, I couldn’t do cardio because I just needed to build up as much muscle as possible. So if I started sweating during a workout, my coach would stop me. And then we would finish training, and he would literally say, “Go to Carl’s Jr. and take a double, triple cheeseburger.”

It seems that between the “New Moon” of 2009 and the end of the franchise, Taylor Lautner had a very intense (and possibly unhealthy) way to get drunk before dusk. He has since learned that he won’t necessarily lead the same lifestyle if he ever stars in another Twilight movie.

Having played the main role in all five parts of the film adaptation of the book, Lautner starred in several projects here and there, but for the most part rested from acting. Recently, he said that he “really wants” to just leave the house due to the fact that paparazzi are constantly chasing him wherever he goes. This led to the fact that he did not want to leave his house.

These days Taylor Lautner is getting ready to marry Taylor Dome, with whom he got engaged in November 2021. His fiancee was a fan of Twilight, although she admitted that she was on Edward’s team before meeting her future husband. When they are officially married, Dome will take Lautner’s last name, and there will be two Taylor Lautners married to each other.

Oddly enough, there is a world in which Taylor Lautner would not become the ripped Jacob Black we all know and love. The studio was considering remaking the role after “Twilight,” but “New Moon” director Chris Weitz was fighting for the young actor to stay in the franchise. And now it will forever remain such an iconic part of the Twilight saga that you can stream now with an Amazon Prime subscription.


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