Will there be Selma Blair in the sequel to Legally Blonde? That’s what she said


It’s been a long time since we caught up with Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods, but with the advent of Legally Blonde 3, we were expecting various reunions between the pretty lawyer in pink and her Harvard Law School roots. For example, Selma Blair’s Vivian. Will Elle and Vivian be able to be together more than 20 years later? The “Cruel Games” actress shared her thoughts.

Selma Blair recently made headlines for dancing blindfolded to “For Your Eyes Only” as a member of “Dancing with the Stars.” Could she return to one of her most iconic roles in Legally Blonde 3. The actress said the following:

“I hope that I will at least be able to play a cameo role. I hope, I hope that this legacy will continue, because it was… a conversation about the good things in life. This movie is one of the good things in life. This is the highlight. I really think, “Yes, my obituary will look good.”

In the podcast “Shut up, Evan” (opens in a new tab) Selma Blair has shared her desire to return to Legally Blonde for the upcoming sequel. Whether it’s a cameo role or a larger role in a comedy, Blair calls Vivian one of the “good things in life” that she fondly remembers and will continue to remember for some time. The original 2001 film is a favorite of many and so iconic that it became a musical, along with the influence of many other things in pop culture, such as “bend and click.”

As announced back in 2020, Mindy Kaling and Parks and Recreation creator Dan Gur are writing Legally Blonde 3, but it took longer than expected. Recently, when Kaling addressed the wait, she said she wanted to make sure she didn’t ruin Reese’s “Avengers franchise.” We have a lot of questions about what the next “Legally Blonde” will be, including how many actors of the original “Legally Blonde” will return.

A couple of months ago, Luke Wilson was asked the same question about whether he would return, and he shared that he also doesn’t know much about it yet. It looks like Legally Blonde 3 is still in the early stages of development, as Mindy Kaling, Dan Gur and Reese Witherspoon may also be juggling all their other projects.

It would be especially cool to see Vivian as Selma Blair in Legally Blonde 3 after she was first introduced as a new girlfriend to Elle’s ex, Warner. As soon as Elle gets into Harvard, Vivian becomes her opponent in their study of law. However, Elle later wins Vivian’s respect and they become good friends after she dumps Warner.

As the actress of “Legally Blonde” Jessica Caffiel told last year, there was an alternative ending of “Legally Blonde”, where Elle and Vivian drink margaritas together on the beach, holding hands, either as best friends or as girlfriends. Whatever Legally Blonde 3 has in store for us, we hope that Selma Blair’s character will return. While we’re waiting, you can go back to the original “Legally Blonde” with an Amazon Prime subscription.


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