Will there be “Enola Holmes 3” and what to expect from it?


The streaming giant has gathered two of the most beloved and famous artists in an exciting film called “Enola Holmes”. While the first film appeared on Netflix in 2020, the sequel to the film recently appeared on the OTT platform. The audience enjoys these two strong characters, revealing mysterious cases and developing from the inside. They want to see more of them. After the success of the second film, will there be another film? What can we expect from him? Let’s find out the possibility of this here.

The Netflix original movie is based on seven books by Nancy Springer. The entire series has not been shown in the film yet. However, there are no official statements from the creators of the film. But after watching the sequel, can we expect the continuation of the same story? Will we be lucky to see Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes and The Witcher star Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes again?

Can we expect Enola Holmes 3?

At the end of Enola Holmes 2, we saw that the mystery was solved. (Attention, spoilers!) In the end, we found out who was the mastermind behind the deaths of so many people at the factory, as well as William Lyon. It was Mira Troy. The police take her to the prison and we see an empty prison. Also, we see a new face at Sherlock’s door.

After the fight, it was Enola who had to stand at the door. But she sent John Watson as Sherlock’s flatmate. Along with this, we see Enola and Tewkesbury enjoying their love. What the future holds for the young and how we can see a bright couple in the next parts of the film is another mystery.

Have you noticed anything in this movie about Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft? We didn’t see him in an active role throughout the film, although he is a vital character in the Holmes story. In the next part of the film, we can see more of Mycroft.

Also, we can see more of Enola’s mother. When the young detective was arrested, her mother saved her. She told Enola to remember her in the future if necessary. Well, is Enola’s journey as a detective over? Fans can see more of her, as in the end she gained recognition as a female detective.

Now the girl is also a famous detective who worked with his brother Sherlock Holmes. There is a chance to see more of her cases in the upcoming film.

Well, judging by the plot and the ending of the last film, we can assume that this is the third part that may appear in the future. But Millie Bobby Brown herself also teases the idea of another movie in an interview.

She is a producer of films about Enola Holmes and has expressed her willingness to participate in other films. While we are waiting for the official news, we can only dream and assume the next film.

When can we expect it?

With Superman’s return to the DC universe, Henry’s schedule must be loaded. But let’s all hope that everything will fall into place, and we can enjoy another exciting case. But by 2024, we can expect the film to land. Well, this is just our guess, but let’s hope that it will appear officially soon.

What are your assumptions about the film? What to expect from the third? Tell us all about it in the comments box below.


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