Will There Be a Hannibal: Season 4? Bryan Fuller and Respond


The Hannibal cast – including arrangement maker Bryan Fuller and stars Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and Gillian Anderson – rejoined for an online visit board to help raise assets for The Okra Project.

As a component of Nerdist House, a continuous arrangement of boards, film screenings, and computerized occasions, Hannibal’s substantial hitters sat for an hour to think back about the religion show’s three seasons on NBC – and what the possibilities may be for a fourth season!

Obviously, nothing was said authoritatively, however Fuller, as usual, seemed hopeful about the opportunity to potentially adjust The Silence of the Lambs.

“It will be intriguing to perceive what occurs with the show pushing ahead,” he stated, “or whether there is ever to be a Silence of the Lambs miniseries with this cast.”

Obviously, the large obstacle here is that MGM possesses the rights to that specific book, and the character of Clarice Starling (henceforth MGM TV and CBS collaborating for a Clarice Starling procedural arrangement), however Fuller likewise referenced how much the show previously acquired from the Clarice character.

“Interesting that we took such a great amount from Clarice and wove it into Will Graham such that sort of hybridized those characters.”

On the off chance that the show restores sometime in the future, Fuller prodded a thought that he feels is a decent bouncing off point. “I am confident,” he clarified. “The extraordinary thing about the thought – with individuals from the cast regarding where we’re going – is that on the off chance that we are going to take five years, six years, seven years or what have you everybody’s despite everything keen on returning at that point that is exactly to what extent they’ve been on the lam, figuratively speaking. At that point the story gets starting there and we’ll adjust.”

“It will resemble Grumpy Old Men with human flesh consumption,” Dancy kidded.

In the event that you’d like the watch the whole Hannibal board, look at it underneath. The inquiries and talk about a potential Season 4 starts around the 57:00 moment mark…

Fuller additionally raised a potential environmental change for a future “dream season” of the show. “[Season 4 is] very kind of radiant and sweat-soaked, when contrasted with the cool cruel real factors of Toronto. I figure it is amusing to go sweat-soaked and radiant and beachy and an entirely different temperature.”

So in this new tropical universe of Hannibal, does Dr. Lecter wear shoes?

“No,” Mikkelsen stated, rather insistently.

Each of the three periods of Hannibal are as of now accessible to stream on Netflix and the arrangement likewise made IGN’s rundown of the Best TV Shows of the Last Decade.


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