Will there be a fourth movie of Descendants?


Actress Sarah Jeffery revealed if the Descendants 4 movie will be filmed. Sarah Jeffery spoke regarding the possibility of continuing the Descendants story .

The Descendants films became a success within Disney , since taking the characters from the classic stories and bringing them to the same Live Action universe gave way to not only one, but 3 tapes that captivated their audience.

So actress Sarah Jeffery , who brought Audrey to life in the first film, spoke about the possibilities of creating a new film that takes up this story.


According to Sarah , the Desendientes films created a universe with many opportunities so, from their perspective, it could be exploited through various narratives, such as a continuation of the films or a new production as a spinoff that introduces new characters.

You imagine? The actress also mentioned that she would love to participate in a production that takes up this universe , however, nothing has been discussed about it yet.

Despite this, Sarah Jeffery mentioned that if such a film were made with her character participating, it would be an opportunity to explore more about Audrey, who has gone through different stages according to the experiences she lived.

A story that is already preparing a sequel is Bird Box , as confirmed by the author of the books and also noted that this new stage will also feature his own film.

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