Will the professor enter the bank in the last season?


Production on season 5 of the Spanish-born crime drama on Netflix streaming platform La Casa de Papel is underway. As of yet, no release date has been announced and desperate fans generated a theory as to what will likely happen.

Recall that the production of season 5 of the Casa de Papel stopped in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world. However, the crew and cast are currently shooting the scenes for the next episodes that will tell the end of this story.

While the production of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel is in the middle of the filming process, fans in the midst of despair for the premiere are already imagining all the possible theories about the upcoming events, referring to the entrance of the professor to the bank.

The fans of the House of Paper are aware that season 5 will have to answer many questions. Among these is whether Alicia Sierra, who found the professor’s hiding place, will join the leader or have her arrested.

Now, a new theory has emerged around what the last season of La Casa de Papel should bring. The fans went to Reddit and one exposed that with the new and last installment he hopes to see The Professor enter the bank:

“What if the professor somehow enters the Bank of Spain to join the robbery? As a last-ditch effort because communications don’t work. I think it would be really cool to see how the gang gets along with him as a leader, in person.”

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Fans of La casa de Papel know that until now, El Professor, leader of the gang of robbers, has always directed operations from the outside, away from the action and the crossfire. It would not be unreasonable for the series’ history to culminate with this event.


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