Will The Movie “Zombies From Gangnam” Be Able to Attract Viewers?


In recent years, the phenomenon of “zombies” has become increasingly widespread in the entertainment world, including in South Korea.

In recent years, zombies in films and dramas such as “Train to Busan”, “Kingdom” and “Al of are Dead” have become world hits.

Director Lee Soo Sung released his second zombie movie, “Zombies from Gangnam,” on Thursday, 13 years after filming “Mr. Zombie.””

Gangnam Zombie (literal title) is a comical zombie action movie that tells about the struggle of people risking their lives to survive in Gangnam, which becomes the epicenter of chaos when people with unknown symptoms begin to appear.

Ji Il Joo plays Hyun Sok, a character who can’t stand injustice and dreams of becoming a national taekwondo athlete. Jiyeong plays Min Jeong, a brave heroine who fights for her life to survive zombie attacks. These two have to fight for their lives trying to get out of the building where they are stuck together because of zombies.

The reason the director named Gangnam in the title was because Gangnam is the most famous area of Seoul.

“Thanks to the song “Gangnam Style”, many foreigners know the word Gangnam. I have a positive attitude towards the release of the film in different countries of the world, and this will be a good opportunity to promote Seoul,” he said.

Le film 'Gangnam Zombie' réussira-t-il à attirer les téléspectateurs?

But the film is unlikely to popularize the city much. It doesn’t make much sense for the story to take place in Gangnam or even Seoul, since most of the scenes take place inside a building.

However, the first reviews do not seem favorable. The Korea Herald reported, “According to media reports, given the small budget, the film’s special effects understandably lack power.

But, declared as a comedy, this film does not meet expectations on both counts. Comedy lacks action, while action is uncomfortable, sometimes even embarrassing to watch, as the main cast is struggling to survive. »

Ahead of the release of “Gangnam Zombie”, distribution of the film was confirmed in 134 countries, including the USA, Germany, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

On the other hand, the film was released in Korea on January 5th.

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