Will the Joker beat Aquaman at the Cinema?


The Joker movie box office revenues suffered a sharp decline after discussions began before they were released, and stormed at the box office. Just behind Aquaman in the US box office revenue, it is wondered if Joker can pass this film.

The Joker, which was released on October 4, managed to earn $ 96.2 million in box office proceeds in its first week alone in the United States. In our country, the film reached 731 thousand spectators in the first week and earned 14 million in box office revenue. For a film with a budget of only $ 55 million, we can say that it was a very successful opening week.

Can it catch Aquaman?
Next week may be the last week to determine whether the Joker will catch Aquaman, which has a total box office revenue of $ 335.1 million in the United States. According to the news in Forbes, the number of halls that the Joker will be released in the US is expected to fall below 200 and therefore cannot exceed the $ 100,000 threshold.

The Joker was able to earn $ 317 million in box office revenue during the first six weeks in the US, followed by sharp declines. The number of halls shown between the fifth and eighth weeks declined to 2,109. Box office revenues fell from $ 13.5 million to $ 2.7 million. In the tenth week, the Joker was screened in less than a thousand halls.

The decline of the Joker in the US is very similar to Aquaman. In the opening week, the film was able to generate a very impressive box office revenue of $ 100.7 million. Aquaman, which experienced a decline every week, was shown in 303 halls during the 12th week of the screening, earning $ 200,033 in revenue. These income items are more successful than the Joker.

Currently, the Joker ranks fifth behind Aquaman in all of the DC movies in US box office proceeds. The top 10 most watched DC movies in the USA are as follows:

The Dark Knight ($ 533.3 million)
The Dark Knight Rises ($ 448.1 million)
Wonder Woman ($ 412.6 million)
Aquaman ($ 335.1 million)
The Joker ($ 333.5 million)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($ 330.4 million)
Suicide Squad ($ 325.1 million)
Man of Steel ($ 291 million)
Batman ($ 251.2 million)
Justice League ($ 229 million)
Do you think the Joker will be able to beat Aquaman? You can share your ideas and forecasts with us in the comments section.