Will the horror end? The first patch to fix eFootball is already dated


A pretty sorry launch
Even if you are not a fan of sports video games, you must have heard about the great scandal that was the launch of eFootball. The new free to play title that Konami launched to take the place of its much loved and well-known Pro Evolution Soccer saga.


Those who dared to give it a try were faced with a myriad of programming errors and pretty bad graphics. Not to mention that the models of its players were enough to generate terror among gamers. Because of this, Konami promised to release patches to fix eFootball and we already know when the first one will arrive.

The first eFootball fixes are coming soon

Through the official eFootball account on Twitter, it was announced that one of the first patches for the game is on the way. The date on which it will arrive is next November 5 and at that time more detailed information will be given on what it will fix.

According to the publication, this patch will only be to eliminate its programming errors. It is not known if they will eliminate most or only a few, so maybe we should play eFootball to find out. Hopefully they’ve done enough to make it more playable.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the meme creators, a fix for the graphics has not been mentioned. If it is to be done, it will probably take longer as more factors would come into play. We must be aware of their networks to know if it will arrive in the future.

At the moment eFootball is still one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam, so Konami will have to work very hard if it wants to make amends for its mistakes. Maybe in a few years we can see that this title made a great return to the style of No Man’s Sky. Do you think it is possible?