Will the end of Halloween really put an end to years of slasher? Here’s what Jason Blum says


The horror renaissance has been going on for years, and some of the best horror films of all time are returning to theaters thanks to new sequels or reboots. This trend began in part thanks to the resounding success of “Halloween” in 2018, when Blumhouse commissioned two more films from director David Gordon Green. But will Halloween Ends really put an end to years of slasher? That’s what Jason Bloom says.

The name Halloween Ends seems to hint at the stakes of the upcoming slasher. Moreover, Jamie Lee Curtis said that this film will be her last appearance as the last girl Laurie Strode. Jason Bloom recently asked ScreenRant if this meant Michael Myers would disappear from the big screen forever, and he was honest by saying:

I didn’t say it would be the last Halloween movie. This is our last Halloween movie. We don’t have Halloween rights anymore, so everything goes back to Malek [Akkad], and only he knows what he’s doing, but we’re done. This is our last one, and I think people will be very happy.

That’s all. Halloween Ends is just the completion of a real estate contract with Blumhouse. So the Form may come back to terrorize Haddonfield sometime in the future. Although the upcoming Blumhouse triquel is expected to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ swan song as her signature character.

Jason Blum’s comments that Halloween is coming to an end were made during the promotion of the upcoming Blumhouse horror film “Black Phone”. Since the studio has so many favorite horror movies, the conversation turned to John Carpenter’s favorite slasher. And although the current story will be completed in a sequel this October, after that another director could potentially look at Michael Myers in his own way. Although this apparently won’t include the OG Scream Queen itself.

The horror genre is based on long-established franchises that constantly adjust the official timeline/canon. “Halloween” 2018 ignores all sequels and is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original. So if another studio or director ends up getting the rights to Halloween, it will be easy to make bold narrative choices; the timeline has been changed several times before.

Little is known about the content of “Halloween Ends,” but the stakes are definitely high thanks to the fact that this is Jamie Lee Curtis’ last bow as Laurie Strode. It is reported that there will be a time jump in the mysterious slasher, which will allow the year in the universe to catch up with reality. While most of the cast was killed off during the “Halloween Murders,” Andy Matiak and Kyle Richards will return as Alison and Lindsay, respectively.

“Halloween Ends” will be released in theaters on October 14. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.