Will The End of Halloween Really Be The End of The Halloween Franchise? David Gordon Green Weighs in


SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains the main spoilers about the end of Halloween. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, act at your own risk!

Throughout the “Halloween” franchise, viewers have watched Michael Myers survive a huge number of attacks that would have killed an ordinary person, but it’s damn hard to expect him to walk away from the injuries he received at the end. Halloween is ending. He could potentially return after the wrist and throat slitting performed by Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curis, but a serial killer simply cannot return after his body was thrown into a scrap metal shredder.

It’s definitely safe to say that the continuity first established with Halloween 2018 has come to an end… but does that mean we’ll never see another Halloween movie again? Fans have certainly expressed a lot of cynicism about this, and even co-writer and director David Gordon Green does not believe that viewers will never see Michael Myers on the big screen again.

During an interview to mark the end of Halloween earlier this month, at the film’s press day in New York, I asked Green what he thought the future of the franchise would look like. He admitted that he really hopes that his completion of the trilogy will be perceived as the basis and end of the entire Halloween franchise, but more realistically he thinks that we will get another new incarnation when some time has passed. Said the director,

If I do it my way, this movie will be phenomenally successful, and then for nothing – do you know what I mean? I think we’ve come to do… we’ve told our story, Jamie and I are really proud of what we’ve done with mythology, and I think it’s going to take a little bit of a breather, and then the next generation or the next storyteller will come and bring a creative Halloween Ends, the review: David Gordon Green closes the circle of his  trilogyapproach to look at it, reinvent it, deviate from it. You know, a stage musical, you name it.


This is a reasonable point of view, not only recognizing the power of intellectual property in modern Hollywood, but also simply considering the history of the Halloween franchise. Fans will remember that David Gordon Green’s 2018 sequel was the second time Michael Myers got a new lease of life on the big screen in the 21st century (the first time it was Rob Zombie’s relaunch series, which was launched 11 years ago). There is nothing strange in the fact that the next Halloween movie will start shooting before 2030.

Having finished his trilogy and contributing to the legacy of Halloween, David Gordon Green seems somewhat excited about what the next generation will be like. He added,

Something’s going to happen because Michael [Myers] is too cool. They won’t let him rest for too long.

While we wait to see what Hollywood has in store for Michael Myers next, fans can enjoy his latest killer game on the big screen right now. “Halloween is Ending” (opens in new tab), which took first place at the box office last weekend, is in theaters everywhere, and it can also be streamed on a Peacock subscription.

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