Will the 19th season of “Anatomy of Passion” give viewers answers to Teddy and Owen’s grand final cliffhanger? Kim Raver shares her thoughts


The showrunner of the series “Anatomy of Passion” Krista Vernoff and the company did not regret it when it came to the completion of the 18th season of the medical drama on the ABC channel. Grey Sloan’s doctors bled to death, including Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), who were forced to go on the run after it was revealed that the latter had stolen medicines to help some terminally ill veterans die. Was that the last thing we’d see of Owen and Teddy? The actress weighed in on what she thinks awaits her character in the future when the series returns this fall for season 19.

It’s clear that Kim Raver has been evasive about what exactly we can expect from her character after this big cliffhanger, but she told People she doesn’t think their story is over.:

I mean, look, I hope we don’t end up like this. There is still a lot to tell about these two. But you never know. You should keep everyone willing to tune in at the end of September. I just think there are more stories to tell.

Although nothing was promised, it would have been a rather unsatisfactory end to Teddy and Owen’s story. Do they spend the rest of their days eluding the authorities with their two children in tow? Will they never be able to legally practice medicine again? This is unlikely, but it is equally unlikely that Owen will be able to avoid a prison sentence if he confesses. As Bailey pointed out in the finale, it was definitely a legal issue, not a moral one.

Kevin McKidd has previously said that his character and Teddy faced “big, big problems” after she found out what he did, and I would say it worked. At first, Owen hid from his wife the fact that he helped former soldiers in their suicides so as not to make her an accomplice to the crime, but the truth came out when Owen thought he was dying and confessed to what he had done to Cormac Hayes (which, in turn, led to Cormac fled the country to escape the situation).

Grey Sloane was in a bad way when the ABC hit left us for the summer. In addition to Teddy and Owen boarding a plane to nowhere in the hope of avoiding arrest, the residents of the hospital were orphaned; Bailey resigned, leaving Meredith in charge of the hospital she was trying to escape from; and Richard took a sabbatical with Catherine to celebrate the return of her cancer to remission. Will many characters really leave the “Anatomy of Passion” in season 19? It is highly doubtful, but is there anything so specific at the moment?

Regardless of what the fall brings to Teddy and Owen, Kim Raver seems excited about what’s in store for fans when “Anatomy of Passion” returns on October 6.:

Season 19 is going to be crazy. It’s like a bomb exploding, and what will be the consequences? What kind of show can last 19 years?

Despite the fact that Kevin McKidd has another project in the works, it is unlikely that we saw him and Kim Raver for the last time in “Anatomy of Passion”. Ahead of season 17, the two actors (and Camilla Luddington) have agreed to a three-year contract extension, which presumably means they are signed for the upcoming season, even if their stories could end abruptly at any moment for one reason or another.

While we are waiting for official news about the casting of the 19th season and what awaits the show in the future after next year, seasons 1-17 of “Anatomy of Passion” can be streamed on a Netflix subscription (the 18th season will join the lineup on June 25). Be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which shows will premiere in the near future.