Will Smith’s colleagues in the movie “King Richard” contacted him after the slap and offered an update on where he is emotionally


It’s been a few months since Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, and during that time a lot of people have spoken out about it. However, Smith himself has been restrained since the night of the polarizing moment. Updates on the status of the star mostly came from insiders. Although he has remained out of sight, he has apparently been talking to a couple of his colleagues over the past few months. Since then, two of his colleagues in the film “King Richard” have contacted him, and they have provided updated information about the emotional state of the actor.

Sania Sidney and Mikayla Bartholomew played Venus Williams and Tanda Price, respectively, in last year’s film “King Richard”. Will Smith played their on-screen father, Richard Williams, and judging by their communication during last year’s press tour, the stars got closer behind the scenes. After the slap, this relationship continues, as during an appearance at the BET Awards ceremony, they revealed that they had spoken with Smith. And according to Bartholomew, the Oscar-winner is in a good mood:

Every time I talk to him, he always says that everything is in divine splendor, you know, so he’s good. It’s always nice to chat with him.

A few months before the actress shared these feelings with ET, it was said that the A-lister is on a kind of “spiritual journey.” It is reported that in April, the star went to India to do “yoga and meditation.” This happened shortly after the actor made a public apology for the incident. While it’s unclear if they’ve officially reconciled, the “I’m a Legend” star has apparently found some peace based on these new comments.

Although since then the actor has not personally talked about the incident on the night of the Oscars, his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, told. Pinkett Smith spoke about the slap in the face on an episode of her show Red Table Talk, during which she expressed hope that Smith and Chris Rock would one day reconcile. The actress also stated that she and her husband plan to “do what we’ve been doing for the last 28 years, namely to continue to figure out what the thing called living together is.” In the same segment, Pinkett Smith also spoke about the growing awareness of alopecia, in which she sees a ray of hope in this situation.

Among the Hollywood stars who have intervened in this matter are Steve Harvey and Jim Carrey. When Harvey weighed in, he called it a “punk” move and said that “he lost a lot of respect for [Smith].” Kerry was “sickened” by the incident, claiming he would have sued the “Men in Black” star for $200 million if he had been hit on stage. Conversely, Marlon Wayans gave Smith some advice, and former Aunt Viv actress Janet Hubert expressed support for her former co-star in the film.

In its current form, Will Smith was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for ten years. He also had setbacks with several of his film projects. Despite all this, it is more than obvious that his colleagues in the film “King Richard” and a number of other colleagues still support him as he builds his career after the slap.