Will Smith: Why do all women love him?


There is no better way to celebrate Will Smith’s 52nd birthday than to remember the reasons that led him to be loved by all women.

We cannot deny that Will Smith has become one of the most successful, appreciated and popular artists in Hollywood, but what has led him to be loved by millions of women around the world?

But first, it is necessary to mention that this handsome actor is celebrating his 52nd birthday today, so we think that the best way to honor him is by mentioning all his attributes that have led him to success.

In the first instance, we cannot forget that Will Smith achieved fame thanks to his participation in the popular series “The Prince of Rap”, placing himself as one of the most successful actors for several decades.

Why do all women love Will Smith?

Likewise, this 52-year-old actor has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of recent years such as “Men in black”, “In search of happiness”, “The hidden truth”, “I am a legend” and “Seven souls” , to name a few.

And despite having some setbacks in the film world, Will Smith is considered a ‘King Midas’, as it is said that everything he touches turns him into gold. It is even mentioned that this actor has generated more than 100 million dollars in earnings with eight consecutive films.


In addition to his great talent as an actor and the successes he has obtained within the industry, Will Smith has also managed to conquer a large part of his audience through his physique, because we cannot deny that he has an enviable body.

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And as if this were not enough, this actor has also distinguished himself by having one of the funniest and most charming personalities; because he always manages to make his audience laugh with his great witticisms.

Last but not least, Will Smith has also stood out as an exemplary husband and father of a family, becoming a man that every woman would like to have by his side.



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