Will Smith Turns Into a Supernatural Santa Claus For NBA Star Marcus Smart and His Girlfriend


This holiday season, Will Smith played both Santa and Cupid. The actor, who himself had a difficult year, can be seen on all social networks, he is trying to get away from the Oscar incident. While the actor is still busy promoting his latest movie “Emancipation,” he recently helped NBA star Marcus Smart with something pretty important.

Smart player of the Boston Celtics. Recently, the 28-year-old football player and his team defeated the Milwaukee Bucks with a score of 118: 139. Although this was already an occasion to celebrate the holiday season, one more thing was added to his happiness. Something in which Smith very effectively helped the NBA star.

How exactly did Will Smith help Marcus Smart with his girlfriend?

Will Smith is undoubtedly a celebrity among celebrities. But the actor, who was pushed by circumstances this year, extends a helping hand to NBA player Marcus Smart in something that changes his life. According to Today, it all started with the fact that the player and his girlfriend watched a selfie video of Will Smith together with other people at a private screening. The video began with Smith introducing himself and saying he was speaking from Antarctica. He said he had just returned from the South Pole and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. “Now I know that you may not have gotten what you wanted. I promise you, you won’t end this Christmas empty—handed,” he said, adding a little curiosity.

It was then that Smart turned to Hallum, knelt down and proposed to her. Hallum gasped at first when everyone around applauded, and Smart said, “Come on, right?” Hallum nodded affirmatively. The player then took to Instagram to share the story with the caption: “She said YES (phew).” Both of them were wearing identical plaid pajamas, as they later placed in front of the Christmas tree, and the new bride was showing off her diamond ring.

It’s safe to say that Smith behaved not only like Santa, but also like a cupid for two. What do you think about Will Smith’s cute gesture to Marcus Smart and his girlfriend? Comment on your thoughts.


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