Will Smith reveals what makes him very unhappy!


Not long ago, Will Smith explained in a podcast what makes him unhappy. Despite everything, he tries to move forward in his life!

On a podcast, Will Smith opened up about his life. He revealed what made him very unhappy. As time went on, material things “deeply unsatisfied” him.

Will Smith revealed, “I have exhausted the material world. And that still hasn’t made me happy. I was starting to be deeply dissatisfied with things ”. But that’s not all. He gave info on this evil.

Will Smith also added, “There is no outward material circumstance that can quench this thirst you are trying to quench within.” A few years ago, he therefore took the initiative of his life so as not to be unhappy anymore.

The actor also decided, eight years ago, to change. Now, other things animate his life and motivate him to move forward. He has found a goal that fills him with happiness. And which brings him joy in his daily life.


Will Smith said: “I will help in any way I can. My greatest pleasure is helping people to thrive. ” In an interview with Banfield-Norris, he also gave his definition of love.

The Prince of Bel Air actor explained, “Love is ‘L.U.V.’ (Listen, Understand, Validate). Listen, understand what the other person is saying, and validate the parts that you know to be true. Listen, understand, validate ”.

The man also said, “Can you understand what the other person is saying? I’m not even talking about a deal. You don’t have to agree. You just have to listen. You have to understand what she is saying “.

Finally, he also concluded, “You don’t have to think that’s true for you. I am used to learning to put aside what I think, in order to understand a person. “.


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