Will Smith publicly apologized for the slap at the Oscars: “No part of me thinks it was the right way to behave”


Will Smith appeared in front of the camera to apologize for hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars, saying, “No part of me thinks that was the right way to behave at that moment.”

Smith appeared on his YouTube channel in a video titled “A Minute has Passed…” and presented his apologies as answers to a number of questions related to the incident. Smith says he contacted Rock, but Rock didn’t feel ready to talk to him yet.

“Chris, I’m sorry to you,” Smith says. “My behavior was unacceptable, and I’m here when you’re ready to talk. I want to apologize to Chris’ mother. the moment – I just didn’t understand, I didn’t think, but how many people were injured at that moment. That’s why I want to apologize to Chris’ mother. I want to apologize to Chris’ family, especially Tony Rock. You know, we had a great relationship, Tony Rock was my man, and it’s probably irreparable.

“I’ve spent the last three months replaying and understanding the nuances and complexities of what happened at that moment, and I’m not going to try to decipher it all now, but I can tell all of you that there is no part of me that thinks it was the right way to behave at that moment. There is no part of me that thinks this is the best way to deal with feelings of disrespect or insults.”


Smith also says that his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who became the butt of jokes from Rock that led to the attack on Smith, did not tell him to do anything. Smith also apologized to his wife and children for “the annoyance I’ve brought on all of us,” as well as to the other Oscar nominees for “tarnishing your moment.”

“I can still see Questlove’s eyes — it happened at the Questlove Awards ceremony — and, you know, one word ‘sorry’ is not really enough,” he continued.

Smith also addressed those who looked at him with respect before the slap, saying, “Disappointing people is my main injury.” “It is psychologically and emotionally painful for me to realize that I have not justified people’s ideas about me and their impression,” he continued, “and the work I am trying to do is that I deeply repent, and I try to be repentant without being ashamed of myself. I’m a human being, and I made a mistake, and I try not to think of myself as a piece of shit.”

The video ends with Smith’s words: “I promise you that I am deeply committed and determined to bring light, love and joy to the world, and, you know, if you hold out, I promise that we can be friends again.”


Smith has previously apologized for his actions, but this is the first time he has appeared in front of the camera to discuss the incident. The slap led to the actor’s 10-year ban from receiving an Oscar and made many wonder what his next career steps would be. Smith’s partner in the movie “Bad Guys” Martin Lawrence recently said that this incident will not interfere with the work on “Bad Guys 4”.

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