Will Smith posted a 5-minute apology to Chris Rock for slapping him at the Oscars


Will Smith posted a video apologizing for his behavior at the 2022 Academy Awards. During the telecast, comedian Chris Rock was performing on stage when he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald hairstyle, saying he couldn’t wait to see her in G.I. Jane 2, referring to the fact that Demi Moore had gone bald for the first film. Upset that the comedian was making fun of his wife, who was diagnosed with alopecia, Smith shouted at Rock, saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth,” went on stage and punched Rock in the face before returning to his seat.

The consequences of this moment were, to put it mildly, chaotic. While all three stars involved made their own statements briefly regarding the event and Smith resigned from the Academy, the Academy itself—in the midst of controversy over conflicting reports about whether they asked Smith to leave the ceremony-was banned. the actor of “Men in Black” from participating in Academy events for ten years. The incident was in the news again this week, as Rock responded to a slap in the face during a recent show by saying he was “not a victim.”

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Smith used his official YouTube account today to share an official apology for the Oscar incident. It starts with the title page: “A minute has passed… Over the past few months, I have been thinking a lot and doing personal work… You’ve asked a lot of fair questions that I’d like to spend some time on. answer.” After the title page, Smith sits down and addresses the camera, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the slap. Watch the video below:

Click here to watch the YouTube video.

In the video, Smith apologized not only to Rock, but also to his entire family, as well as to Smith’s family, fans, other nominees, and especially Questlove, whose Oscar for “Summer of Soul” was awarded by Rock. Smith also confirmed his desire to bring “light, love and joy” to the world. What exactly this means on the broader scale of his career is still unknown, as the incident had serious consequences, including the actor’s postponed upcoming Netflix movie Fast and Loose and, reportedly, a pause in the development of the sequel “Bad Guys 4”. .

Ultimately, fans and viewers will most likely not get a satisfactory concrete conclusion to this story. This is an evolving conversation between Will Smith, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett-Smith that is likely to end—or not—behind closed doors. Given the fact that many of the people behind projects like “Bad Guys 4” are confident that they will eventually return to production, his viewership will probably decide whether they personally feel and support his growth after the infamous moment on man. base.


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