Will Smith Got Another Supporter in The Person of Joe Rogan Sfter The Oscar Scandal


An obvious sign that 2022 was going to be a good year was that less than four months later, Will Smith took to the Oscar stage to punch Chris Rock in the face. And then keep shouting what will become the catch phrase of the decade: “Get my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” Even though it’s been almost a year since the gate slamming happened, the constant memes on our incident timelines have ensured that we remember the Will Smith gate slamming incident more than what we had for dinner just the night before. Aside from memes, it’s also the ubiquitous debate about whether Will Smith remains an actor for whom audiences will flock to cinemas.

The actor made sure to stay hidden from the spotlight after the days of Oscar’s slap and even after his public apology. It was only after the release of his Apple+ movie “Emancipation” that the actor was seen in public. Smith, an actor with thirty years of experience in the film industry, even said that he understands those who do not want to watch his films. This display of remorse, coupled with the fact that he is a brilliant actor, has brought Will Smith another supporter in the industry.

Joe Rogan supports Will Smith

After the Oscars, it’s clear that Will Smith didn’t have many supporters in Hollywood. The “Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills” actor, who was once considered one of the friendliest in Hollywood, had virtually no supporters. Now that the discussion has resumed on the same scale, Joe Rogan has changed his position.


Rogan, who hosts the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, recalled with John Bernthal a conversation he had with comedian Brian Simpson about his attitude to Will Smith. At first Rogan said, he immediately said, “This guy fucked this guy (Smith) forever),” according to the Daily Wire.

He further added: “At first there were a lot of us, and we thought: “To hell with this guy.” Fuck you forever.” However, as time passed, the podcaster changed his mind. “And I’m like this:”No.” You know, now thinking about it, I think this guy needs to be forgiven,” Rogaine said. In conclusion, Joe Rogaine is now among those who have come to the conclusion that Will Smith should be forgiven.

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