Will Smith expresses willingness to learn to swim during history lesson


History lessons are boring unless you have a fun teacher or someone like Will Smith to lecture you about it. The superstar recently decided to give his fans a dose of history while in Jordan.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood icon stunned the audience at the Oscars 2022 when he hit the host of the evening Chris Rock, who joked about his wife Jada’s baldness, which caused the actor to come on stage and attack her. him. Insiders still disagree on this, but, nevertheless, it seems that the actor is trying to put everything behind him and do his best after the fiasco, especially with the historical lesson he taught.

Will Smith tells a biblical story in the classic style of Will Smith.

The actor of the “Prince of Beverly Hills” in a turban on his head and a red T-shirt Jordan suddenly came up with the idea to tell his fans the biblical story of Moses. He tells his followers about how Moses led the Israelites to safety and freed them from slavery. He also noted that it would make a great epic action movie. But before that happens, he needs to learn how to swim!

Although he tells the story well, he got one thing wrong. It wasn’t Moses who divided the sea; it was God. The wonderful story of Moses is told in Exodus 14 and follows Moses leading his people out of Egypt. When they came to the Red Sea, God divided the Red Sea to give the Israelites safe passage. However, the Pharaohs and Egyptians continued to pursue them. When they all swam across the sea, God soaked the Egyptians, who were swallowed up by the water.

Currently, Will Smith is preparing to return to the screens after his latest film “King Richards” was a great success. His next Emancipation. But since slapgate is still fresh in the memory, many think it’s too early for the actor to return.

Are you one of those who thinks Will Smith should wait and let the Oscar fiasco die down?


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