Will Smith Brings Back Memories of “Men in Black” to Fans After One of Them Notices His Costume in a Scene


Will Smith has just brought back a lot of memories with the clip “Men in Black”. The actor started his career as a rapper, and then got into comedic images. Today he is one of the biggest stars in the world. But some of his first roles will be remembered forever. One of the actor’s recent posts made him and his fans nostalgic.

The “King Richard” star posted a post on Instagram where one side showed his latest photo, and the other half showed his action sequence from the detective and sci-fi movie “Men in Black.” Being a detective in the film, the scene showed a young Smith running after a suspect and even jumping off a bridge. He worked in a specialized agency where they tracked down evil aliens to save the planet. In the film, Smith was seen wearing a white T-shirt with an orange jacket and matching loose trousers.

These were exactly the clothes the actor was wearing in a recent clique. He placed it next to the video after a fan pointed out the similarity in clothing. “Men in Black” was first released in 1997, and after that its success led to the appearance of several sequels. The last installation of the film starring him and Tommy Lee Jones was released in 2012.

After that, no sequels with their participation were released. But after seeing this scene in the artist’s profile, everyone went on a nostalgic journey. That’s what the fans said.

Fans’ reaction to a scene from “Men in Black” by Will Smith

“Men in Black” holds a special place among Will Smith’s fans. One fan commented on how the memories of the 90s came back to them. Another asked how people remember such tiny details, to which the fan explained that the Internet never forgets these details.


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Will Smith (@willsmith)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

“Look at Will Smith, so inspiring,” a fan commented.

“The 90s are coming back!” wrote another.

“Will Smith’s films are my consolation films. * goes to watch People in Black*,” another fan remarked.

“Many fans wanted to see the movie of this ‘inspiring’ actor again,” the fan wrote.

Another user of the social network noted: “It’s not some shit that you just forget.”

After so many sequels have been made over the years, fans even want “Men in Black” to reappear. In 2019, Chris Hemsworth starred in the movie “Men in Black 4” for a change, but he took first place at the box office. After the Oscar drama and the resumption of the movie movement, we’ll probably see Smith star in another Men in Black movie.

What do you think of Will Smith in the Men in Black franchise? Share your opinion in the comments.


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