Will “Sean from the Dead 2” come out? Simon Pegg responds


Actor Simon Pegg comments on the possibility that “Sean from the Dead 2” will ever be filmed. Pegg played Sean in the cult classic zombie horror film, the first part of the screenwriter and director Edgar Wright’s trilogy “Three Tastes of Cornetto”, as well as in the action comedy “Hot Fuzz” and the sci-fi comedy “The End of the World”. In the film, Sean finds himself during a zombie apocalypse when he teams up with his dumb roommate Ed (Nick Frost), trying to keep his ex-girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) safe, as well as his mother Barbara (Penelope Wilton) at a local pub. safety.

Shaun of the Dead proved to be a success both with critics and at the box office, as it grossed $30 million out of its original $6 million budget. Since the release of the film, fans have assumed that Wright and Pegg would someday team up again to shoot a sequel to their popular film. However, Wright has previously stopped these discussions, saying that he has no desire to do Shaun of the Dead 2, as the initial experience more than satisfied him.

In a recent interview with Soho House, Pegg responded to the possibility of creating a sequel to Shaun of the Dead. The actor explained that since many of the main characters have already died, there is not much room for a sequel. Read what Pegg said about a potential Shaun of the Dead 2 below.

“It baffles me how Shaun Of The Dead 2 can be, because most of the main characters are dead. One of them is a zombie in the barn… which would be boring.”

Pegg realizes that almost all the central characters died by the end of the film, only Sean and Liz survived. As a result of the minimal remaining core cast, there is not much room for any meaningful development of the story. Although Ed did not die, unfortunately, in the climactic scene of the film, he was bitten by the undead, and he turned into a zombie. However, as Pegg pointed out, Ed in the role of a zombie chained to a barn would undoubtedly be “boring”.

Although Pegg is right that there is not much room for Sean’s further narration, it is possible to create a sequel if Wright uses a different set of characters instead. For example, in Danny Boyle’s similarly themed film 28 Days Later, very few people survived by the end of the film. However, the successful sequel “28 Weeks Later” was created based on a completely new set of characters existing in the same world as the original film. Although Shaun of the Dead 2 doesn’t seem to have a future, if the story separates from its protagonist, there may be a chance that a spiritual sequel can be made.