Will Samsung be able to keep its lead?


According to a new shared report, Samsung will strengthen its position in the smartphone market on a global basis next year. The report also announced the quarterly balance sheet. It was reported that global smartphone shipments will decrease by approximately 11 percent this year to 1.26 billion units. Will the Samsung smartphone leadership continue next year?

Samsung gains trump in smartphone leadership

After Huawei’s crisis with the US, many companies made moves to turn this crisis into an opportunity Samsung is one of them. Research firm Strategy Analytics updated forecasts in its last quarterly report on Sunday. Normally, a decrease of 15.6 percent was expected, but it was stated that after the positive process, global smartphone shipments will decrease by about 11 percent this year.

According to the new estimates, a higher-than-expected recovery rate in demand from the US, Europe and India, as well as increased trends in home work and online training, are said to have established a new supply-demand balance. According to a report, Samsung Electronics will likely strengthen its dominance in the global smartphone market next year.

With economic recovery, 5G technology, and a permanent transition to foldable phones, market growth will exceed 9 percent next year, with 1.41 billion in 2019 to recover in 2022, the report said. Samsung is expected to maintain its market leadership with shipments of 265 million units this year, with a market share of approximately 21 percent.

Apple will take second place with 192 million units, or 15.3 percent, and will drop Huawei to third place. In terms of market share, Samsung and Apple will gain 0.1 percentage points and 1.3 percentage points respectively, but Huawei will lose 4.3 percent of its market share next year, with post-US sanctions developments.

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The report also states that China can mark this list, as low and mid-segment phones of companies such as China-based Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi increase their dominance in the market, and the increase in their popularity also causes an increase in profits.


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