Will RM be a father? announced future plans


Namjoon’s birthday celebration revived the moment when the idol said what he wants for his future. The fans have celebrated RM’s birthday, which has led us to remember many of the special moments that this idol has given us, do you remember any? It was in this way that a video reappeared where the leader of BTS reveals what plans he has for his life in the not too near future, we will tell you the details.

Many have joined the celebration in honor of RM, not only fans have prepared messages, images and videos in honor of this idol, but one of these clips revealed some information about RM’s personality and his dreams.

The Radio Disney Twitter account shared a post commemorating Namjoon’s birthday, but added the description “Happy birthday to future father.” QUE?

Do not be scared, this is a clip that collects special moments of the leader of BTS giving interviews for said medium. In the video, the BTS members choose RM as the member who checks his phone the most often and as the best dancer.

RM mentions The Jonas Brothers as artists that inspire him and also showed some dance steps in front of the camera, but in another fragment of these interviews, Namjoon revealed that he would like to become a father, however he also specified that it would be nice if that happened. ever, pointing out that these are plans for his not-so-near future.

This clip also shows the BTS members talking about the experience of meeting directly with fans and hearing them sing their songs during live shows. AWW

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