Will Nabilla and Thomas Vergara announce their projects?


Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have a new project. We do not yet know which one but apparently the couple will make a purchase in Paris.

After their vacation in the mountains, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are back in Paris. And apparently, a big project could happen there. And the couple look very happy at the moment. We don’t know yet what this big event is but it could be huge.

The young woman had been having a good time in the snow for a few days. With her family but also with her friends, the star was very active. Between the snowmobile, skiing, evenings at the chalet, everything went very well for them! Especially since it was the first time Milann had seen snow.

But after a few days, Nabilla is back in Paris. Because it’s been a while since the couple took a plane from Dubai to return to France. And apparently, it’s not just for vacation and leisure. The two lovers would have a big project planned in the capital.

While the couple stroll through the streets of the capital, Milann is with his grandmother. So, Nabilla and Thomas take the opportunity to shop around and enjoy the beauty of Paris. But apparently something more serious is on the way in the next few days.

But in addition to this project, the couple stroll in all the emblematic places of the capital. We see in the story of the young mother that the two go to Montmartre, at the very top of Paris. But the young woman wears high heels. And the heels with the cobblestones are really not that great.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara will soon announce their big project?


So, in Montmartre, Nabilla asks Thomas Vergara to carry her up the stairs. Impossible for her to go down all alone with her heels! It must be said that she was not well equipped to visit the alleys of the capital. Especially since it’s been miles!

But at one point, the young mother confides on Snapchat. Apparently the couple have a plan. “Today we are gone we are going to make a very important purchase. »Begins the young woman. Thomas adds. “Perhaps even the most important in our history”.

Nabilla laughs at this reflection. Should we take Thomas Vergara seriously? In any case, at the moment, they are not saying what it is. She keeps. “We will tell you very, very soon. We will finally be able to tell you this great news. ”

So, we are therefore expecting a lot in the coming days. Will Nabilla unveil this famous big project? One wonders what that can be. A real estate purchase in the capital? Premises for a business? We do not know. You’ll have to follow the star’s Instagram stories to have exclusivity.


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