Will my Brother-in-Law become a Black Panther? What we know


Is Shuri the new Black Panther in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Of course, there is no shortage of clues indicating that T’Challa’s sister, a technical genius, Shuri, played by actress Letitia Wright, will be the next to don the mantle of ruler and protector of Wakanda. While Shuri becoming the next Black Panther may possibly limit the character’s potential to replace Iron Man in the MCU, the fact is that she is best suited for the job.

After the tragic death of Chadwick Bozeman in August 2020, Marvel viewers rightly demanded that the MCU not replace T’Challa with another actor. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” fulfills this request by putting T’Challa Bozeman to rest, although the cause of Black Panther’s death in the MCU remains unclear. However, the trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” suggests that the film will show how T’Challa died and explore the legacy of the superhero.

While every Marvel reveal at Comic-Con 2022 leads to a long-awaited MCU project, the trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” has overshadowed everyone, teasing not only the war between Wakanda and Atlantis, but also the possible reveal of a new Black Panther. In addition to Shuri, the contenders for the role are T’Challa’s former lover and Wakandan war dog Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), as well as Dora leader Milah Okoye (Danai Gurira). However, there is just more evidence that it is Shuri who will become the next MCU Black Panther.

All the Evidence that Shuri is the Next Black Panther

Aside from the fact that Shuri becomes a Black Panther after T’Challa in Marvel Comics, the official new LEGO Black Panther 2 sets are called Shuri’s Lab and Shuri’s Sunbird. Wakanda technology. Moreover, the war of Wakanda against Atlantis in Black Panther 2 implies that the inhabitants of Wakanda will be looking for a new Black Panther who can lead them in this difficult time. Indeed, Black Panther is more than just a superhero, but also a public figure who embodies the collective will of Wakanda. As a spy of the “War Dog”, Nakia could also cope with this task, but it is unlikely that she will be comfortable being the center of attention. Meanwhile, Okoye is already devoted to her life’s duty to protect the Black Panther. There remains Shuri, whom the residents of Wakanda already know from the invention of many vibranium-based technologies that they see and use in their daily lives. Given the plot of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the MCU could put Shuri on the path to replace Tony Stark as chief scientist in “Earth’s Most Powerful Heroes.”

Why Shuri Is the Perfect Next Black Panther

Like the Black Panther costume in the first movie, all of Wakanda’s new technologies in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever are developed by a group of scientists led by Shuri. In addition to being the princess of Wakanda, Shuri is also the head of Wakandan Design Group, the Wakanda scientific division, whose headquarters are located directly above the world’s only source of vibranium. While every new Wakandan vibranium-based technology is a collective effort, Shuri is behind most of Wakandan Design Group’s biggest breakthroughs, such as the new Black Panther suit and how it can absorb and redirect kinetic energy. Shuri knows the Black Panther’s arsenal better than anyone else, and will be able to wield it more instinctively than even the most experienced warriors of Wakanda. Coupled with Shuri’s willingness to rush into battle whenever she’s needed, Wakanda can’t ask for a more deserving next Black Panther than Shuri.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” making Shuri the next Black Panther, will also provide more narrative space for rumors of a spin-off series “Okoye” for Disney+. As the MCU’s new Iron Man, Shuri may be suited up to better equip Dora Milahe in their own series, War Dog spy Nakia in her future MCU outings, the new Captain America and Winter Soldier, who should all be in Wakanda. technical upgrade. While it may seem that Shuri becoming the next Black Panther may interfere with her duties as the head of Wakandan Design Group, donning this mantle may actually give Shuri the opportunity to become an exemplary Avenger and science-based superhero.


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