Will Miles Teller play Green Lantern in DC EU? That’s what he said


The superhero genre has dominated the film and television industry for many years and is not going to slow down. Thus, there are rumors that many actors will join one of the cinematic universes that are currently killing it at the box office. So will Miles Teller from Top Gun: Maverick play Green Lantern in DCEU? That’s what he said.

The DC Extended universe is expanding regularly, but there are a few characters that fans are still eager to see join the fray. Namely, Green Lantern, whose mantle is worn by several characters, including Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. Miles Teller’s name has been scattered by fans, and ComicBook recently asked the Fantastic Four about these rumors. He answered honestly:

I haven’t heard any of these rumbles yet, but I’m sure if they get loud enough, I will. Yes, of course [I would be down]. I love the fan base. I love the Marvel and DC fan bases, and I love these movies as a viewer, and it seems like they’re taking these characters more and more seriously because the fans deserve it. There’s nothing cheap about these characters, and if I got the right thing, I would definitely agree.

Well, that’s it. Clarifying that the rumors about Miles Teller joining either the DCEU or the MCU have no truth, it looks like he may be joining the right project. He’s a killer talent, so this news will surely please the fans. But what kind of Green Lantern could be played? There are so many options.

Miles Teller was asked about the Green Lantern rumors while promoting his new movie “Best Shooter: Maverick,” which is breaking box office records for Tom Cruise. Eventually, the conversation turned to comic book movies, as is customary in many chat rooms. And it looks like the Whiplash star might re-enter the genre if a suitable role comes along.

Fans of Miles Teller know that he previously played one of the main roles in comics, which led to disastrous results. He was Reed Richards/Mr. Science fiction in Josh Trank’s 2015 film Fantastic Four, which failed at the critics and box office. John Krasinski recently played this role in Doctor Strange 2, but it’s unclear if he will return to the MCU.

Thanks to Oscar’s favorite projects, such as Whiplash, as well as the huge blockbuster success in Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller seems like the perfect talent to participate in a comic book project. He pretty much took on the form of a superhero to play his role in a Tom Cruise movie, buttering himself up for one particular scene.

“Best Shooter: Maverick” is already in theaters. Be sure to check out the release dates of the films in 2022 to plan your next movie.