Will Mel and Jack from Virgin River get married in season five? Here’s what the showrunner says


Viewers who like to watch the popular drama “Virgin River” on a Netflix subscription watch it for several reasons. The series manages to combine the heartbreaking stories of a small town with a crime drama, as well as deliver a number of shocking twists, such as the finale of the 4th season of Virgin River, and complex relationships. Of course, some of these relationships are romantic in nature, and fans are now wondering if the show’s big couple, Mel and Jack, will actually get married in the fifth season of “Virgin River.” If this is your big question for the upcoming set of episodes, now we know what the showrunner has to say about the potential of this wedding.

What the Virgin River showrunner said about Mel and Jack’s marriage in Season 5

From the very first episode of Virgin River (back in 2019!), it became clear that Mel and Jack seemed destined for each other, although Mel was relatively recently widowed, and Jack was involved in a situation with the incredibly problematic Charmaine. . So, it’s clear that fans really want these two to get married in season 5, after they finally got engaged at the end of season 4. TV Line asked showrunner Patrick Sean Smith about the possibility that we’ll see Mel and Jack walking down the street. The passage, and he said:

Mel and Jack are such an epic couple that you really want to enjoy things as much as possible. We don’t want things to ever seem stalled, but we also want to enjoy [their engagement] while we can. So we are moving at this pace with all the things that they have ahead of them, looking forward to [the wedding] in the future.

Well, I know that those of you who would like to see Mel marry Jack (and vice versa) probably take this as a clear sign that their wedding will not take place in the 5th season of “Virgin River”, but it may not be so. be the case. Let’s remember that Smith and his team are trying to make sure there are surprises waiting for us when new episodes come out on Netflix, so anything can happen to Mel and Jack, who get married.

But also… we need to think about how Virgin River works. While the show is nearing its fifth season, it’s no secret that each season starts pretty close to where the previous one ended. As viewers are well aware, now that it was revealed in season 4 that Charmaine was pregnant for only about five months on the show’s timeline (although her pregnancy was revealed towards the end of season 1), this is a series that takes things slooooooow.

As Smith noted during his interview, although they don’t want the action to seem “stalled,” the show’s timeline allows them to give some events a big break for the characters as well as for the audience, so we can all revel in the “anticipation” of big events (remember how long it took to find out who shot Jack). And it’s likely that the show won’t speed up just so we can get to Mel and Jack’s wedding at some point during season 5, especially when that means all the other storylines will also have to develop much faster.

At the moment, it’s better for Virgin River fans to just think about how season 4 ended in the right place, and how interesting it will be to see how Jack reacts to Charmaine’s important news in season 5. Until we get more Virgin River, you can review the entire series on Netflix.


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