Will Lucifer and Amenadiel fight for God’s return?


In a while, Lucifer’s Season 5 Part B will be released on Netflix. And apparently, she will give Amenadiel a hard time.

Lucifer fans have been waiting for the next season of the show for months. It must be said that the last episode ended with the arrival of God on Earth. And this to try to calm the war between the heavenly brothers. But what will happen to Aménadiel?

At the moment, we still don’t know when the next season will be released. Netflix has yet to announce a date. But the time seems very long to us! Especially since a lot of assumptions are made about what happens next in the series.

It must be said that the arrival of God on Earth raises questions. Especially since you realize over the seasons that he and his father have quite a complex relationship. Maybe it’s time to sort out the old demons and finally move on?

In any case, Lucifer and Aménadiel are really united. They can now count on each other. And in every battle, the brothers support each other. But basically, Amenadiel is the right arm of God. He believes in himself more than anyone and trusts him.

But recently his confidence has waned. It is therefore not known how the angel will behave in the face of this man he never hoped to see again. As we recall, Lucifer’s brother had even lost his wings at one point in the series. A very disturbing moment for him.


If at the start of Lucifer season 1, Amenadiel is there to bring Lucifer back to Hell, things change. It must be said that recently, the angel has also become the father of a little boy with Linda. A big change for him and for his vision of things.

The writers of the series have entrusted information to Comic Book Resources. Apparently, Amenadiel’s being a father would lead him to have a “very different” view of God returning to Earth. He and Lucifer will not see it the same way.

This could therefore create a conflict between the two brothers. Henderson teased the following: “Managing both loving a child and being afraid for him is not easy. Especially since it will have to be positioned in front of God. A complex dilemma. ”

But Lucifer’s brother will also have to deal with another question. How to raise your son. Will he take the same path his father took with him? “What would he have liked his father to do differently? He will achieve a lot in season 5B ”

This season promises to be still full of twists and questions for the heroes. Plus, Lucifer was confessing his feelings to Chloe at the end of the episode. Will their story continue? We will have to wait to find out.


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