Will Lili Reinhart share the screen with Nina Dobrev?


Is Nina Dobrev part of the cast of Riverdale with Lili Reinhart? We give you more details. Nina Dobrev joins Lili Reinhart in the series Riverdale?

Season 5 of Riverdale should soon be arriving on our screens. Indeed, fans of the series should check out the new episodes at the start of the year.

So while waiting for the new unpublished episodes, Riverdale fans are asking themselves a thousand and one questions. Especially compared to the cast of this 5th season.

And there is no shortage of theories! So some wonder who will be sharing the screen with Lili Reinhart.

And some seem convinced that Nina Dobrev should join Lili Reinhart. The star of the series The Vampire Diaries could therefore join the cast of Riverdale.

It must be said that these speculations are not unfounded. Indeed, Nina Dobrev has posted on social media with the stars of Riverdale. What is it really ?


A few days ago, Nina Dobrev has indeed shared a series of photos with the actors of Riverdale. Eh yes ! Thus, on her Instagram publication, we see the young actress alongside Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes or Madelaine Petsch.

So Nina Dobrev shared her photos with her thousands of followers. In the caption she writes the #tb (throwback) which means that the photos are old.

This means that the young actress would have finished shooting her scenes for Riverdale. But again these are just guesses.

Another detail still leads us to believe that she was good on the set of Riverdale with Lili Reinhart. Indeed, the published photos are located in Vancouver. Either in the same place as the filming of Riverdale! Eh yes.

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Nina Dobrev’s arrival in Riverdale wouldn’t come as much of a surprise either. But to find out we will have to wait a little longer. Case to be continued.


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