Will Laeticia Hallyday sell her Los Angeles villa?


It seems that according to information from Closer, the beautiful Laeticia Hallyday is about to sell her villa in Los Angeles!

It has been years since Laeticia Hallyday left her suitcases in Los Angeles with her family. And the least that can be said is that she made fond memories with Johnny and her children.

Laeticia Hallyday had even applied for American nationality. The latter was granted to him. However, her plans have changed a bit. According to Closer’s news, she would have made a big decision.

Laeticia Hallyday would have decided to sell her villa in Los Angeles since last September. Closer claims this Friday, February 12 that the pretty blonde has put her house up for sale for 15 million euros.

She would have made this choice to repay the debts accumulated by Johnny because of her cancer. This house would be located in the City of Angels. It would benefit from a sauna but also a cinema room.

According to Closer, the house has finally found its buyer. It would be an American who would appreciate the villa. Within “the next few days,” the young woman is expected to sign the papers to sell her house.

On the other hand, Laeticia Hallyday fans wonder why she decided to sell her sublime villa in Los Angeles. In addition, some wonder about his future place of life. She may well leave town for good.


For the moment, Laeticia Hallyday has not spoken on the subject. It must be said that she remains very discreet about her private life. While waiting to return to Los Angeles to sign the papers, she takes advantage of her stay in Saint Barth.

As a reminder, Laeticia Hallyday also owns a huge villa on the island. And the least we can say is that Saint Barth is truly her refuge. For a few days now, she has been enjoying her holidays with her daughters Jade and Joy.

But that’s not all. The pretty blonde also saw her darling Jalil Lespert. The latter was present at the airport to greet her wife. The latter took advantage of her reunion to give the actor a huge hug.

For long minutes, the two also hugged each other. They didn’t want to let go. They looked very happy to meet again. Fans are wondering where Laeticia Hallyday’s next place of life will be.

Some think she’s going to go back to Los Angeles. While others wonder about her definitive return to Paris. It will take patience to find out more. The main interested party will surely speak.


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