Will KSI Join WWE? YouTube Has Finally Decided to Join Logan Paul in The Fight


YouTube star KSI has finally answered a long-standing question about whether he will join Logan Paul in WWE, and this is bad news for any fan who was hoping to see the Prime team.

Influencers and content creators have always tried to spread their wings and break out of what they were most famous for.

Boxing and music were the first major ventures in which some of them have been successful, and there are always other opportunities to explore. Logan Paul proved it tenfold when he made the jump to WWE and took the world of professional wrestling by storm.

Maverick has already held a WrestleMania match, fought for the title of world champion and received the “Rookie of the Year” award from fans and experts. He did all this without much help, given that his brother Jake did not help him achieve his goal of becoming a champion during his brief appearance.

Will KSI join WWE with Logan Paul?

There were also questions about whether KSI—Logan’s business partner in Prime Hydration drinks—could step in, given that he is a lifelong wrestling fanatic.

Well, the British YouTube star has finally answered this question, and this is pretty bad news for those who hope to see him fly off the top rope with a cross-body and win together with Logan.

“Will KSI join WWE? No, I have nothing to do in WWE. No, no, no,” he said during his appearance on the popular WIRED series “Answer the most popular questions on the Internet.”

Time stamp 7:45

While it may be something falling under a childhood dream, KSI already has a lot on his plate with YouTube, his music, Prime and his boxing career.

The last of which he intends to complete by the end of 2023, as he has already scheduled his next few fights. Although it looks like we can’t count on him joining WWE to fill that void.


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