Will Kate Middleton put Princess Charlotte back to school?


The question burns the English: Will Charlotte go back to school? A dilemma for the royal family … And therefore for Kate Middleton. The choice of reason or that of the heart? Kate Middleton will therefore have to decide for Charlotte … Keep her at home to ensure her health, or put her back in school? The royal family wonders.

Because it must lead by example! Not sure, therefore, that the British see the absence of the little one in class with a good eye … Louis and George are still too small to go back there. But not Charlotte.

Kate Middleton and Prince William must therefore decide. Set an example when they didn’t necessarily want to ? Not sure ! Because the English tabloids have been talking about it for several weeks …

And they seem sure of one thing: the Cambridge do not want to send her back to class . The English thus thought that Princess Charlotte would miss school for a month … A bad idea for the royal family.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are indeed invested to fight the crisis. They also put on their clothes of future king, and future queen … So it would be strange to send a completely different message afterwards.


The crisis seems indeed in its final phase . We must therefore encourage, lead by example, too … We should therefore send little Charlotte with her friends to class. But his parents are worried.

And Kate Middleton, as a mother hen, would therefore hesitate to let her daughter rub shoulders with other children. It must also be said that George and Louis are still very young … So they shouldn’t get sick.

A risk to take to set an example for the nation? Or a precaution to keep the royal family away from the Covid-19? Prince Charles has already been sick , so the family is very careful…

So we will know this week whether or not Charlotte returns to class. Meanwhile, the situation is not simple for Kate Middleton . You have to be able to love your family while supporting the strong couple they form with Prince William!


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