Will Johnny Depp return to Pirates of the Caribbean?


Johnny Depp’s possible return to Pirates of the Caribbean remains in question. Over the past few years, Depp’s involvement in the franchise has been under scrutiny for various reasons. In its current form, it may be too early to say, but recent events can be used to draw some kind of conclusion.

While Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow was one of the main reasons Pirates of the Caribbean became a franchise, his continued involvement has been rather dubious in recent years. In the 2010s, due to Depp’s lackluster performances both in the later Pirates of the Caribbean films and in other projects in which he participated during that decade, it seemed that he was not as attractive as before. In addition, after the accusations made against him by Amber Heard, the addition of Depp’s name to the project seemed detrimental to his success, so he was subsequently excluded from the franchise. However, after Depp’s accusations against Heard and the “Depp vs. Heard” trial, public opinion changed greatly in favor of Depp to the point that many people expressed interest in Depp appearing in movies again.

At the same time, it remains unclear whether Johnny Depp is going to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole situation with Depp and the Pirates franchise has a long history. However, despite his long association with the series, most of the evidence — not least from Depp himself — currently indicates that he will not be returning. That’s what the future may hold for Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp.

What will be the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

At the moment, two “Pirates of the Caribbean” films are in development. The first of the two is the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”, with comments by director Joachim Ronning suggesting that both he and “Dead Men Tell No Tales” will be the finale of the franchise (via CinemaBlend). The second film in development is a new film unrelated to the previous ones, in which Margot Robbie will play the main character. It’s unclear at the moment whether Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie is a spinoff of the original franchise or a full-fledged reboot, but details should come as soon as he and Pirates of the Caribbean 6 go further in development.

Why Disney is filming Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp

For the past few years, Disney has been trying to promote the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Johnny Depp, and reports have even said that he has officially exited the franchise (via the Independent), and the reason for this is that, as mentioned earlier, Depp has become a hindrance to the franchise. The last two films about “Pirates”, “On Strange Shores” and “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, are largely considered inferior to the films that came before them, and the common criticism between them was that Depp’s Jack Sparrow became much worse than him. earlier, when most of his charm and humor was replaced by genuine buffoonery. This was partly due to the writing, but much could also be traced back to Depp himself, as his behavior became increasingly difficult to control; in particular, “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was constantly stopped due to Depp drinking and being late for the set (via Insider), and, as reported, he he even forgot his lines so often that they had to be fed to him through an earpiece (via Insider).).

Another problem with Depp at the time was that other films he starred in around that time were not successful. “The Lone Ranger” of 2013 was criticized and became a huge box office bomb, and other films in which he starred in the 2010s, such as “Mortdecai”, “Excellence” and “Alice through the Looking Glass”, also received poor reception and box office receipts. It was clear that Depp did not have the star power that he had before, and the fact that his performance in “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was so bad that it earned him two Golden Raspberry Award nominations probably did not add to his popularity. reputation.

The biggest factor, of course, should be the controversy surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. At the height of the #MeToo movement, Heard came out with accusations that Depp had insulted her during their marriage, which made Depp an outcast in the public eye; the stress of Depp’s divorce is also considered the main reason for Depp’s behavior during the production of “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The controversy surrounding Depp became a major stumbling block when he got the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and Mads Mikkelsen, who replaced him in Dumbledore’s Secrets, became a clear sign that companies no longer want to have anything to do with him.