Will John Cena get a match after returning to WWE Raw?


WWE fans know John Cena will be back on Monday Night Raw on June 27, but what’s less clear is what the 16-time world champion will be doing on the show. It will be a draw in the coming weeks as viewers prepare to celebrate Sina’s 20th anniversary at the company. Recently, he has been busy with projects such as Peacemaker, but he has never been shy about his love of professional wrestling.

This could leave the door open for a match involving Cena, possibly already in an episode of Raw that will be broadcast from Texas. However, it would probably make more sense for WWE to sow the seeds of a possible fight involving The Face That Run The Place a little further. He was last seen in the wrestling ring during SummerSlam in 2021, when he failed to defeat Roman Raines. A rematch between the two seems unlikely, especially if Sina’s social media posts are to be believed.

When he had the opportunity to call out any member of the current WWE lineup who needed an attitude adjustment, Cena immediately responded with a theory. He also stated that at the moment the current champion of the USA is his favorite person in the squad. Big Match John even posted a photo on his Instagram when Kevin Owens responded to his US Open Challenge back in 2015, adding even more oil to the alleged fight between Cena and Theory. Theory also played a role, replying to Cena on Twitter, telling him, “Stop playing dress-up and then do something.”

Vince McMahon has some unshakable rules that he asks WWE superstars to follow. One of the biggest is never to tease a match that can’t happen or won’t happen. Cena knows this better than anyone, as does the Theory. His on—screen persona as McMahon’s protégé is more than just a game; internally, he is seen as a young John Cena, and many behind the scenes of WWE consider him a legitimate main event player in the making. Other wrestlers have even started to put forward the US title as the main prize of Raw, as Roman Raines unified the championships at WrestleMania 38, which gives even more weight to the theory, which is seen as a big deal.

Cena returning to do a job for a promising newcomer wouldn’t be out of character at all, but there’s a huge difference between where Reigns was a year ago and where Theory is now. That’s why he could work in a short program with Bobby Lashley—one of the few superstars on the WWE roster who can match Cena’s stars when it comes to wrestling. Too much smoke to avoid a fire Cena vs. Theory. The question is more about when the match will take place than whether it will happen.