Will Joe Walsh be able to return in season 5 of the Conners?


While Joe Walsh was a great addition to the sitcom cast as Aldo’s dumb dad Jesse in season 4, season 5 Conners is unlikely to bring back the rock legend. Season 4 Conners made a lot of unexpected decisions during the fourth release of the Roseanne spin-off. The episode with risky shooting proved that the Conners can handle serious topics with grace and caution, and the unexpected reunion of Ben and Darlene proved that the show could not always so successfully implement sudden plot twists.

Nevertheless, one of the most pleasant and unexpected surprises of The Conners season 4 was the appearance of Eagles guitarist and rock legend Joe Walsh in the series. Walsh played Aldo’s father Jesse in two episodes of season 4 of The Conners, and the singer stood up to a group of comic book veterans, causing a lot of laughter in a short cameo role. However, this does not necessarily mean that viewers can look forward to Joe Walsh’s return in the fifth season of The Conners.

Although Aldo may return in the fifth season of The Conners, the fact that he and Harris have split up means that this is unlikely. As a result of this twist, it is even more unlikely that Joe Walsh will reappear in the fifth season of Conners, since his character is even less directly connected to the family of the same name. Between John Goodman’s Dan playing with Jesse at the end of his first appearance and Aldo’s bizarre reconciliation with his father during Walsh’s second episode, it’s hard to say what Jesse will be missed. However, in the fifth season of Conners, it will be difficult to justify his return in terms of storytelling.

Why Joe Walsh (Probably) Won’t Be Back in Season 5 of Conners

The separation of Harris and Aldo leaves no reason for the Conners to meet with Aldo’s father. However, the fact that Aldo’s father correctly predicted Harris’ breakup with his son means that he was more astute than he initially seemed, and this, combined with the fact that Jesse and Dan have established a strong rapport, means that there is some chance that Walsh may reappear in the conflict. future departure. The fact that Christopher Lloyd’s character, Roseanne, Lou appeared in season 4 of The Conners makes this even more likely, since the actor has not reprised his role for decades and still decided to return to the spin-off of the sitcom.

If the Conners’ fifth season had found a way to justify Jesse’s presence in the universe, the character could still have returned. It’s unclear if season 5 of “Conners” is the show’s last outing, so the show can afford more famous cameos like Walsh, provided the series doesn’t end soon. However, the biggest obstacle to the return of the rock legend in the fifth season of “Conners” is the lack of communication between Jesse Joe Walsh and the family now that Aldo and Harris have separated, a problem that the sitcom may be difficult to solve. surpass.


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