Will it compete with TikTok with its Tinder Snack app?


Tinder is very successful. And yet, the dating app may well be competing with Snack in the TikTok format. Tinder is in full swing right now. But the app has nothing to do with it. And for good reason, it could then be competed with by the Snack application in TikTok format.

Since the start of the first confinement, Tinder has had great success. And for good reason, young people are looking for a social link. It must be said that this situation is really complicated.

So dating apps are wreaking havoc. Besides, the big winner is no surprise, Tinder. So young and old alike turned to her for love.

But that’s not all. The app blows up all the scores. Indeed, users are no longer content to surf the traditional way, they pay to access other features. Eh yes !

In short, it has been a great achievement for Tinder for the past few months. But beware, the competition can intensify. Ouch!

And for good reason, a new app is emerging. Snack then landed on the market. And the latter seems to have understood everything. Not bad !

She was then inspired by what TikTok offers to appeal to a very large audience.


The demand is therefore more and more present concerning online dating sites. So, Tinder hits the nail on the head. This is also the case with Bumble and Hinge for example.

In summary, apps based on date sweep appeal to millennials. And yet, it seems that this model is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Indeed, the young people of Generation Z are not followers. They are then used to the TikTok format. Thus, the Snack application therefore lands. Tinder then sees red.

The new competitor is therefore based on this assumption. To attract this new generation it would therefore be necessary to adapt to the TikTok format. Rather smart then.

This new app is therefore based on videos. So company founder Kimberly Kaplan says, “One day I was scrolling through TikTok videos and started seeing these profile encounters in my feed. ”

The Tinder competitor then adds, “I had a moment of reflection where I realized people were trying to date TikTok, but it’s basically not designed for that. ”

To illustrate his idea, he says: “You don’t know if someone is single, how old they are, where they come from and how you fit in their DM? This is where Snack was born. ”

In short, unlike Tinder, this new app therefore offers to create user profiles based on videos. They will therefore not be static unlike other platforms.

In addition, rather than swiping like on Tinder, users will be able to like the videos and then send a message. This app should quickly meet with great success. To be continued.


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