Will Henry Cavill turn down the role of James Bond for the same reason as Hugh Jackman?


Henry Cavill has become a Hollywood IT guy since he played Superman in Man of Steel. The DC movie became a blockbuster after a series of failures, and producers and studios hoped to lure the British to the main roles in their films.

Ever since Daniel Craig stepped down as James Bond, the creators have started looking for another Bond again. The popular choice of fans shows Henry Cavill, however, this man can follow in the same footsteps as Hugh Jackman. Interestingly, the Australian wanted to play the famous spy, but because of creative differences, he refused.

Henry Cavill may want to avoid typecasting, as Hugh Jackman did after Wolverine.
Henry Cavill, who played the main role in “The Witcher”, is the Superman of this generation, and also starred with Cruz in his car “Mission Impossible 6”. Fans expect him to continue playing suave action heroes, but the star may go the other way, like Hugh Jackman. When the actor Kate and Leopold starred in “X-Men 2”, he was offered to play Bond.

The creators were looking for a replacement for Pierce Brosnan back in 2002, long before his last appearance in Bond, “Die, but not now.” But the Australian rejected the offer on the grounds that the script was too “unbelievable and crazy.” The studios weren’t ready to make the script tougher and more real, as Hugh wanted to quote that he didn’t control it. Moreover, he wanted to experiment with diverse roles.

“People wanted me to play exclusively the role of such a hero. It was a bit claustrophobic,” admitted Jackman. Later, Wolverine changed the show after the last X-Men movie and starred in the films Prisoners, The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables, etc.

The Australian native was last seen in the role of Wolverine in Logan. He will play this role again in Deadpool 3. In addition, Cavill auditioned for the role of Bond, but then lost to Craig because of his young age.

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