Will Goku be able to defeat Superman? We asked the voice actor Goku to settle the dispute


This is a topic that is long overdue for a genuine conclusion. Since the title of the upcoming Dragon Pearl movie is Dragon Pearl: Superhero, we thought it was the right time to put an end to the important, decades—long and still ongoing controversy. Will Goku from Dragon Ball be able to defeat Superman from DC Comics?

Now that both characters are appearing in Fortnite, we have provided Goku’s English voice actor, Sean Schemmel, with a platform to settle the dispute publicly once and for all.:

“Yes” is the short answer,” Schemmel said. “The long answer is yes: Goku is a god. There are two scenarios when this can happen: if the Earth is not in trouble, Goku will ask Superman to get closer to the sun and get [as much as possible] charge, and then fight him. But if the Earth was in danger, he would have fought it for as long as he could, but then maybe if he didn’t have any success, he would probably just Instantly Transfer Superman to a planet without a yellow sun — and then he would have lost. all his powers and Goku will win.”

Continuing, Sean adds, “This is the short version. I can tell you about how I read a scientific article that Superman is only vulnerable to magic and kryptonite, and that the Goku energy that comes out of his hands is technically plasma, and Superman will not be affected by plasma energy, which is probably true. So, again, there is a much longer answer.”

So even Goku himself, although confident in his chances, still takes into account the possibility of failure. We will probably never get a definitive answer as part of the official work, but it’s nice to know that Schemmel had deep thoughts on this.

At the moment, Goku vs Superman has been discussed by fan culture for decades – probably because the pair seem so similar in their abilities. They both have the physical strength of gods, the ability to fly in the air and return from the dead. Despite the fact that both of their abilities make them capable of ruling the earth, they hide their identity and almost always maintain a positive attitude despite the danger facing them.

Why is the debate still going on? With both characters acting as the greatest embodiment of power in their universes, they are so equal that it’s hard to say who will emerge victorious in any battle between them, but Schemmel seems to have picked his winner with measure. logic, not just sentimental affection.

The new Dragon Pearl movie, Dragon Pearl: Superhero, unfortunately doesn’t include a Superman battle, but our review called it “a fun low-stakes love letter to Gohan fans with an exciting momentum, as well as a place for some touching sentimentality among the awesome fights.” On the eve of its screening in Western cinemas on August 19 in the USA and the UK and on August 18 in Australia, we also talked with the actors and learned their opinion about another long-standing discussion by fans about whether Piccolo is the real father of Gohan, and not what Goku is.


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