“We Will Go To Sea This Summer” Statement From The Ministry Of Tourism Of Italy


Italy, one of the countries hit by the new type of coronavirus outbreak COVID-19, calculates the return to normal. “We will go to the sea this summer. We are working to make this possible,” the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus disease that has spread to 210 countries outside of mainland China since its first appearance in December 2019, has completely paralyzed social life. While 90 percent of cases in the world occur in Europe and the United States (USA), the number of deaths continues to increase dramatically, especially in the USA, Italy, Spain and France.

Italy, which has sacrificed more than 20 thousand citizens to COVID-19 to date, has been in isolation since 10 March and this period is expected to be extended until 3 May. Whether or not schools will be reopened this academic year remains uncertain.

Italian government says it is impossible to return to normal life without vaccination
Although the Roman government says that it is impossible to return to normal life unless an effective vaccine is developed against COVID-19, it is discussed how to go on a summer vacation these days. “We will go to the sea this summer. We are working to make this possible,” said the undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Lorenza Bonaccorsi.

Bonaccorsi, who stated that they are working with a scientific team on a series of administrative arrangements to ensure safe distance on the beaches, has opened a new agenda item. Now in Italy, the question is asked: “Are we going to the sea with a mask?” According to the Professor of Infectious Diseases of Rome Gemelli Hospital, Roberto Cauda, ​​no need for a mask in open spaces such as the beach if the required distance is provided.

Italy Ministry of Tourism: We will go to the sea this summer. We are working to make this possible
In order to ensure security on the beaches, certain measures such as reducing the number of sun loungers, accepting customers on the beach by reservation, and special time intervals for people in the risk group should be taken.

Professor Mario Schiavina, Chest Diseases Specialist from Bologna Sant’Orsola Outpatient Clinic said, “We have to proceed carefully. Let’s not deceive ourselves, “he adds.

“I advise everyone to wait before making their vacation plans. Nobody can make reliable predictions for July and August at the moment,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the German newspaper Bild last week.


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