Will get suggestions from developers for Apple App Store


Apple had promised at WWDC 2020 that it would enable developers to challenge App Store rules. The company has implemented this promise. Apps on the App Store will no longer need to resolve rule violations before they can have bug fixes approved. Only legal violations will be excluded from this. Apple will also allow developers to suggest rule changes.

In the statement made by Apple, it is stated that rule violations will not delay updates; However, it was stated that the developers should also eliminate these violations until the next update deliveries.

Apple announced the change after a discussion with Basecamp over the Hey email application. The Cupertino-based company rejected Basecamp’s bug fix update due to the fact that the Hey app can only be registered on the web. The absence of in-app purchases or trial periods on Hey causes Apple to not receive App Store commission through this app.

After a while, Apple gave permission for the bug fix update to be released. Basecamp also added a free trial option to Hey’s iOS app.

It was thought that the change announced by Apple after a while would prevent similar events from happening again. However, the claim that Apple blocked WordPress updates due to imposing in-app purchases recently came up. Apple is also in a tight fight with Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, over App Store commissions. It remains unclear how the Cupertino-based company will respond to rule change proposals from developers with whom it is at odds.

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